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Welcome to Serenity Spa

General information
For your best service, please consider the following:

We encourage our guests to schedule their appointment in advance, Please contact the reception anytime in order to book your appointment.

If 's necessary to change or to cancel your appointment, please notify us at least  24  hours in advance, in order to avoid a charge equal to 50% of the spa treatment price.

Please, arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment. Appointments begin promptly at the schedule time. if you arrive late, your appointment may be shortened so that the therapist will be on time for the next guest.

Personal belongings:
We recommend that you not wear jewelry during your visit to the spa. Serenity SPA does not accept responsibility for any loss of valuables.

Mobile phones:
Please turn your mobile ringer off while in the spa area.

Medical record:
Please alert us f you have any medical conditions Or are presently under a physician's care. Conditions such as pregnancy, high blood pressure, and heart problems are of special interest to our spa therapists. We will customize  our services to fit your needs whenever possible. Also, facilities such as sauna is not recommended for guests with skin problems, heart problems, high blood pressure, guests who are sensitive to heat or are pregna nt. Serenity SPA is committed to providing a safe environment for everyone. So, lay back con!fortably... and enjoy a luxury and unique journey in the land of senses...

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